The US Constitution is the most respected law in the world. The constitution that is also referred by the natives as the Supreme law of the United States is believed to be the most influential structure in the world. Many nations are believed to have taken various aspects of their structure from this most influential document of the States. It is worth noting that this paper was originally five pages long. It was written on a parchment. This document had seven articles that and they explained in detail the government's frame. The first three articles were regarded as the most relevant items. They are the articles that showed how the States power was divided into three bodies. These bodies are the Judiciary, the legislative that was responsible for law making and the executive that gave room for a president. The following three articles outlined the relationship between the federal governments and the states. The responsibilities and rights of the states were in these chapters. The last article was about how the thirteen states were to live together.


The document came to use for the first time in the year 1789. Since that time, the document has had twenty-seven amendments. The first ten amendments to the Constitution dealt with protecting the people’s rights. They were referred as the Bill of Rights. They aimed at giving the American citizens rights and making sure that they are protected. The rest of the amendments touched issues about the civil rights. They also looked into changing a few ways about how the government carried about its duties. The US has been unique in that they add all the amendments to the document. This has made it the shortest constitution despite all these amendments.

Drafting and Ratification

Coming up with this most influential document in the world was not an easy thing. A lot of challenges had to be overcome. Seventy-four delegates that were highly regarded were called up for the task from all the thirteen states. Their first amendment was to change the power system from what they saw as a weak Congress to a powerful federal government. In July 1787, a committee was put in place to write the constitution. After being written, the committee submitted the document to the then Congress. It went through ratification by the Congress as was required of it by the constitution then. In September 1788, it was passed and was made operational.