10 Funny Argumentative College Essay Topics For Your Psychology Class

Argumentative essays are not always funny and when they are, you might just find yourself wanting for the right topic on which you would want to construct the paper. How do you go about it then? The first thing that you would like to have settled is the role of the topic in the essay.

If you want to make the paper funny, a lot depends on the topic you have selected. To get the right topic in place, you should do a little homework on what makes a good as well as funny topic for an argumentative paper.

Read a few example papers

There is no better way to know of how fun and entertaining argumentative pieces can be without reading a few of those. Here are some examples of topics that you might find interesting to argue.

  • A girl asks a boy out and gets rejected. Analyze the possible reasons

  • Is boy-girl friendship a farce? Look at all possible reasons and every new angle you can establish

  • A woman enjoys work more than her male colleagues. Why is that?

  • Can there be a legitimate society to protect men from attacks by feminists?

  • Should men also be responsible for opening doors to women?

  • There should be more and more research on the chances of males getting impregnated

  • Do women make a weak link when inducted into the armed forces?

  • Should men cry before others? Why is a male crying seen as a sign of weakness?

  • The roles of genders should not be their requirements respectively? Counter with your own arguments

  • Should empathy be included as a separate subject in middle school?

  • These were a few examples of topics that would make for funny writings and readings in the argumentative genre. There are definitely plenty more that you may find and debate in due course of time.

    Some bonus topics

  • Should surrogacy be legalized or illegalized completely?

  • People belonging to the same sex should be allowed to marry anywhere in the world

  • Should the use of nuclear weapons be shunned by all countries once and for all?

  • Any company that test products on animals should be made to pay double the tax

  • Plastic surgery should be allowed for only accident victims

  • A professional actor cannot be a professional poker player at the same time

  • Outlawing of leather and fur made products

  • Teens should be able to use birth control pills when they need to

  • The church and the state should be made completely exclusive

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