Homo Erectus

Human beings are believed to have evolved from the ape. This gives a long path of evolution from that time until now. Many aspects have changed and we still have some common features that make people feel for sure that that was our origin. I believe we passed through the Homo erectus stage. They have the features that look more so or less like those that we possess today. Some are only considered to have changed a bit as we leave doing some things. The Homo erectus had massive elongated legs and their hands were short and strong. All these are the traits that enabled them to survive in their habitat then. The activities they got involved in while looking for food must have been harsh and thus the adaptations. They had large legs that would allow them to run for long distances.

Body size and the Brain size

Their body size was large. This was complimented with the brain volume size. During the revolution, the body size and the brain size grew in a directly proportional manner. Those that had large body sizes had a proportionally large brain. Their bodies also required a lot of energy. They thus had to eat a lot to provide energy both to the large body size and the brain. The brain size of the Homo erectus was about is estimated to around eight hundred centimeters cubic. This was a fifty percent superior of their predecessors. Their brain size later increased to around one thousand centimeters cubic. This I believed to the lower limit of the Homo sapiens.

Technology and tools

The Homo erectus is believed to have made use of some tools. Bearing in mind their spread over two continents makes this a possibility. They used rafts to travel across the oceans. They were a bit developed from their predecessors that used wooden tools. They used wooden tools. They also made fire control equipment by burning clay and molding. Their fire sites were made of burnt clay that was hard t break. Using their stone tools, they also made some artifacts that have been found in valleys and caves. It is however not clear whether the Homo erectus cooked their food. Some of the early homos ate raw food and other wild fruits. There is however hand axes that prove that they ate meat only that it is not certain if they cooked it.