List Of Great Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Technology

The growth of tech industries has changed the world in almost innumerable ways. It has led to a much smoother flow of information from one place to another that is extremely far away. It has also been at least partially responsible for some of the largest economic collapses the world has ever seen. The dot com bubble of the late 90s made paupers out of many millionaires and later on the ability to invest online was at the heart of the mortgage crisis if you look hard enough. There have been both blessings and curses from this field so you can find many things to write on.

Here are a few topics you can apply to a compare and contrast essay.

  1. Is the current generation significantly changed as a result of almost constant connection with computers and smart devices?

  2. Is the ability to play imaginatively still present in children or has it been diminished by video game play?

  3. Has social media got more or less in common with older and more traditional methods of communication that are slowly dying out?

  4. Has the ability to send messages across the globe instantaneously allowed for easier retention of regional norms or a steady homogenization of culture?

  5. Has the tech industry’s use of planned obsolescence created a culture of wastage or is this merely an extension of the greed that societies always possessed?

  6. Will digital technology lead to schools and colleges that are without teachers and wildly different from the ones we know or will things continue much as they always have?

  7. Are the implications of using DNA manipulation to engineer ‘perfect’ children particularly more immoral than less advanced practices that were used in the past?

  8. Has the use of virtual reality gaming less to an increase in asocial behavior or a new avenue for the same type of meetings that people have always engaged in?

  9. Will advanced artificial intelligence create life that is similar to our own or will machines always be just machines?

  10. Will driver-less cars create a safer driving experience or will the risks be fairly similar to the ones we experience now?

  11. Will teleportation be similar to the way it is portrayed in science fiction or are we all in for some interesting surprises?

  12. Are there still good reasons for office buildings to exist or should all companies aim to hire people who work remotely?