Fifteen Good Suggestions For Interesting Narrative Essay Topics For Grade 5

Narrative essay assignments are a really fun and interesting ways for young writers to learn valuable composition skills they will use in other forms of academic writing throughout their careers. When comes to students in the 5th grade, narrative essay topics should encourage students to explore creativity through descriptive writing. Here are fifteen good suggestions for interesting narrative essay topics for the 5th grade:

  1. Describe a situation, experience, or memory that showed you how one should be careful about what he wishes for.

  2. Write a narrative essay about meeting a real or imagined person from a work of literature and describe what you would do for a day.

  3. Explain how you learned a valuable lesson about committing a rebellious act either at home, in front of friends or in front of strangers.

  4. Write a paper about a memorable meeting with someone who is in place of authority and what the outcome of that experience was.

  5. Do you have a memory about being in any kind of natural disaster? What was the outcome of experiencing such a tremendous event?

  6. Explain a time when you were proud of yourself for something you accomplished in class. What was that moment like?

  7. Describe a moment when you were lost. How serious was it and what did you learn about the things you needed to be found again?

  8. Write about a time that you couldn’t wait to get out of class. What was going to happen that wanted you for the bell to ring so much?

  9. Explain a moment where you learned a valuable lesson about the way you should treat people who are there to care for you, whether it be a teacher or parent or someone else.

  10. Creatively write an interesting narrative essay about a time that you were compelled to take a stand on an important issue at school.

  11. Describe what you would do if you were able to visit a fictional place from one of your favorite movies or books.

  12. Explain a moment in your life where something happened to you or something was said to you and made you alter your opinion of someone.

  13. Write creatively about one of your favorite trips you had as a child. Where did you go and what elements about it stand out to you the most?

  14. Describe two different versions of the same event. Think creatively about how you can write a narrative piece from differing perspectives.

  15. What was a single experience that changed your life or renewed your faith in something you now feel passionate about?