Coming Up With Persuasive Essay Topics For Junior High School

For students in junior high school, there will often be the need to develop essay writing skills. Of course, is entirely possible that some students will have written various academic papers before junior high school; however, it is usually from around about this point and onwards that the essay writing process really starts to develop. In fact, one of the most common forms of essay there will be used at this stage is the persuasive paper.

Basically, a persuasive essay will require a student to try and put forward range of different arguments relating to a certain topic, so as to persuade the reader about a particular point of view. For example, you may wish to write about a topic related to your school, such as the need to wear school uniform. You may then try and argue whether students should or should not have to wear a school uniform, based on a range of different arguments.

Generally, you will include an introduction at the beginning of the paper, as well as a conclusion at the end of the paper. In the middle - in what is known as the body section - you will include you arguments, usually using a paragraph for each one. Therefore, if you have been asked to write a five paragraph paper, the first and last paragraph will be used for the introduction and conclusion, whilst the middle three paragraphs will be used to discuss three different points or arguments.

Once you have an idea of the structure of the paper, it can make it easier to think of good topics to write about. For example, if there is only one good argument that you can think of for a specific topic, then it may not be suitable for a five paragraph paper; on the other hand, if you only need to write a short paper, and the topic that you are thinking of writing about is very in-depth, then this may not be suitable either.

For some further ideas, the following is a list of titles that you could use.

  • Taking part in sport is better than playing on computer games

  • Students should have more choice about what subjects they study at school

  • Cyberbullies should be given prison sentences

  • Everyone should be vegetarians for one day a week

  • People should walk or use bikes more often rather than relying on cars

  • American TV shows are better than those of any other country

  • Disabled people are not given enough respect and help by the rest of society

  • Children do not need to own mobile phones

  • The Internet is the most important man-made creation of all time

  • Students should be given free laptops or tablets to use at school