The Secret Of A Strong Literary Exploration Essay

As you might expect, a literary exploration essay explores a piece of literature! But how exactly do you go about composing an excellent paper? Well, if you need some assistance in getting to grips with this project, here are some great ideas to help.

Selecting a work.

First thing’s first: you’ll need to pick a work of literature to explore. The purpose of a literary exploration essay is to investigate the meaning and construction of the chosen work. You will look at aspects like: character, theme, style and tone. So when you select a work to explore, make sure you know what factors you need to focus on, as this can help your selection process.

Once you’ve decided on your work of literature, you should narrow down the subject as much as possible.

Be selective.

If you want to create an essay that’s head and shoulders above the rest, you won’t want to just repeat the same tired old takes on a work. The more you know a work of literature in detail for yourself, the better a position you will be in to come up with your own interpretation and understanding. If you can find a symbolic character trait or a subtext that seems to never be referred to in critical analyses, then it might be a good idea to go with this area as a main focus. It’s always good to be as unique as you can with your subject matter. Having said that, you will still need to include references to back up what you’re saying- so make sure there are enough relevant and good sources for you to cite.

Be unique.

Just as good as choosing a niche area of the work in hand, is selecting a fresh take on a well-known subject. If you choose Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, for instance, there will be an abundance of opinions, papers and analyses to peruse- but come up with a unique angle, and you’ll be on to a winner.

Don’t make simple mistakes.

Don’t overlook how important things like format and structure are. You may think you’ve written a masterpiece, but if you have overlooked simple things (like how to annotate sources, what the word length should be, if a thesis statement is required), you’ll soon find that you’re marked down. Pay just as much attention to these areas (and flow, style, choice of vocabulary, sentence structure etc.) and your paper will be top notch.