Top 15 persuasive essay topic ideas for high school

Persuasive essays are among the most written papers by students at all levels. Therefore, there is need to know how to compose good topic ideas and also, how to select them when you have multiple. If you do not know how to do this, you should not worry because everything has been put down for you here. All you need to do is to adhere to the following:


As a student, you should develop a habit of researching most of the things you have been given by the teacher. This will help you to learn wide information and therefore, you will increase your knowledge. You have to find specific textbooks and online information that focus on persuasive writing so that you do not involve irrelevant things.

Perfect topic ideas-features

It is important to know the best topic ideas you need to select or formulate. For instance, they should be simple to understand and specific to the question. Avoid those that are complicated and are nonspecific. Moreover, adhere to those that are more interesting such that when you choose them, you will develop the best content.

Below are the top 15 persuasive essay ideas:

  1. Do most of the social media such as Twitter and Facebook create isolation between the users?
  2. Should all the government workers be permitted to hold guns for self-defense?
  3. Should students who bully others in high school be expelled?
  4. Should teachers who engage in sexual affairs with the students be forced to marry or get married to them?
  5. Is abortion a legal matter or is it a crime?
  6. Do gays have a specific religion where they worship God?
  7. Do presents really aid students to perform better in class or do they make them lazy?
  8. Should it be a law for every man to marry one wife?
  9. Is it true that the current society relies excessively on the technology rather than physical manpower?
  10. Should all the thieves be hanged irrespective of the offense?
  11. Should the president allow only one religion in the country?
  12. Should the school day be adjusted to start close to midday?
  13. Should farmers who produce on large scale be paid better salaries than the senators?
  14. Is it necessary for every student to go through the parenting classes before joining primary school?
  15. Are students nowadays given less assignments than before?