What Is An Argumentative Essay And How To Structure It Properly?

An argumentative essay is an academic paper that allows you make a statement regarding a certain matter and provide enough reliable arguments to defend your point of view. Such a paper demands a lot of work in order to collect the needed information regarding the topic of the project and your own point of view on it. That’s why it’s strongly recommended to choose a topic that makes you feel interested and full of desire to work upon it more.

An argumentative essay has no specific structure, still, if you want it to be persuasive enough and logically beautiful, keep in mind the following outline.

  • An introduction.
  • Every project should start with an introduction. It’s one of the most important parts of the research. The introduction is quite short but informative for readers. It contains the topic of the research, your thesis statement (that can be located at the end of the intro to attract attention of readers), and a couple of interesting facts that can work as a hook.

  • Body paragraphs.
  • Depending on the demands to your particular paper, you can have different quantities of body paragraphs. In case it’s not specifically mentioned, there should be at least three of them. One paragraph in the body part should be dedicated to one argument and proofs. If you have more than three arguments, create more paragraphs but avoid overdoing. The thought in each of them should be completed.

  • A conclusion.
  • It’s very important to give enough attention to the conclusion. This part of your project contains your conclusions and visible results of your work. The goals that you have stated in the intro should be mentioned as reached in the conclusion.

Apart from these mentioned parts of the project, you may need to compose separate pages that are required by the format. These involve the title page, outline, literary review, bibliography, references, and appendices. In accordance to the style of writing, which you have chosen for your project, these pages need to be organized in a certain way and inserted into your work in a very precise order.

If you are not told to write an outline, don’t think that it’s a waste of time. You’d better compose it for yourself in order to build up a precise structure, mention all the important points, and not to forget anything that can be crucial for the value and sense of the research. Always make sure which pages should be present in your project and which are not so important.