6 Essential Hints For Those Who Want To Buy An Essay

If you decide that you want to buy an essay then you need to research about the purchase with just as much are as you do for a new cell phone!

  • What do you need? Before you even start looking, check out the instructions that you tutor has given you. Make a note of the type of essay that you need; referencing system; the number of words and the date of submission. At this point if you already have made a few notes, then keep them to hand. A bit of time spent on clarifying your requirements will pay off in the long run.

  • What to look for. Look for an essay writing company that can provide you with some examples of the work that their writers produce. Make sure that the writers have the same first language as yourself. The importance here is that although there are some writers around the world, each language has different sentence construction and sometimes meanings can be lost in translation.

  • Have other customers recommended the service? You may already had a recommendation from a friend about a particular company, if not check out what feedback other customers have left. Remember that even the best services will not always get A star ratings, as you can't please everyone all of the time. Check whether the recommendations are genuine.

  • What are the costs? In a nutshell, the less time that you give a writing service to produce your work the more costly it will be. You will need to think ahead, and make sure that you don't leave it until the last minute to commission the work. If you give only three days’ notice then it will probably cost you in the region of three times as much than if you gave three weeks’ notice.

  • Additional Costs. Some companies will charge extra for additional items that you may think would be part of the original package. Do make sure the essay has undergone a plagiarism check as part of the process and is not regarded as an additional cost for you. Likewise you need to make sure that the work has been proofread and any errors have been corrected.

  • Proofread it yourself. Even if the work has been proofread, make sure that you take the time to read it through. This serves two purposes, one to make sure that there are no additional errors and also by reading it through you will know the content, just in case the tutor asks you about some of the work that has been cited. If the work is not as you would have liked it then you need to send it back.