Junk Food And Sodas

There are very little nutrients in the junk foods we consume, instead these foods are full of calories. Drinking sodas and eating junk foods is a direct pathway to gaining weight. It makes sense that cutting back on these poor choices will help you be healthier and lose some of your excess weight. You have to chose healthier food options to replace the soda and junk and eat smaller portions.

The Ability to Cut Calories

In order to begin losing 1 pound per week you must create a 500 calorie per day deficit in your diet. You can do this by cutting out the higher calorie foods and drinks you consume every day. Soda and junk foods contain a large amount of calories. Getting them out of your diet, can help you immensely. A can of cola, in a 12-ounce serving and one ounce of plain potato chips has 152 calories each. The soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies have as many as 186 calories. Ditch the soda, turn away from the cookies and put down the chips. By trading in three sodas a day for 3 bottles of water, you will shave off as much as 450 calories off your diet before you make any real changes.

Increase your Fiber Intake

When you eat less calories, the hunger pains will begin. This happens when you don’t select the right foods. Most junk foods are high in calories, density, and energy per each gram consumed. By trading in these foods and eating items that are lower in calories, density, and energy you can eat a higher volume without exceeding your daily recommended caloric intake. You will also avoid the dreaded hunger pains. Concentrate on high fiber foods like vegetables, fruits, broth-based soups, and whole grains. Instead of chips, grab some celery or baby carrots. Eat more hummus or chose a salad instead. Stay away from French fries and go for fresh fruit.

It’s All About the Nutrients

For most modern Americans, their diet tends to lean more toward junk foods, packaged foods, fast foods, that all low in nutrients and high in calories. When you replace these kinds of foods with items that are less processed and healthier, not only will weight loss occur, but you will increase the level of nutrients that you take into your body. Stay away from cheeseburgers or fried foods an go for nutrient dense selections.