Organizational Values Presentation


Organization means a system where a group of people works together for fulfilling some purpose and values can be defined by using different ways like principle or standard of behaviours, the importance, worth and usefulness of something etc. In simple words, any organization’s value defines the behaviour, culture, or importance of their organization.

Meaning of Organizational Values

How any organization works is the general meaning of any organizational values. There are several other names like Company, Society, Association, Institute, Business, and Group etc. of the organization. Therefore, each organization has a different purpose; hence, they have their own rule, culture, or manners. Peoples who are with any organization that can be either organization’s employees or customers have followed their rules and culture.

Any culture is the combination of shared values, norms, beliefs that give meaning to the peoples of the organization. Ethos, core, manner, ideology, philosophy, root, style, vision, pattern are different other names of the culture.

Organizational values are ideas that guide their thinking and action. It also represents the foundation for the company. How employees thinking about their particular organization, spending time, communicate with others etc. are some points through which people can find organization values. Prosocial, Market, Financial, Achievement, and Artistic are different dimensions through which organization values can be defined.

Humphrey Bourne and Mark Jenkins define the four distinct forms of organizational values-espoused, attributed, shared, and aspirational. They form these four distinct forms into a single framework. This framework includes two dimensions, which concerns the nature and orientation of organizational values.

Importance of Organizational Values

In this era, each one has their own importance. Therefore, for any organization, values or their culture plays very important role. Since the performance of any organization depends on their define rules and how employee follows this rules. If employees are satisfied with organization’s values or rules then it gives the great impact on the performance of the organization.

Mitja Gorenak and Suzana Kosir define the importance of organizational values. With importance, they also present the relation between the values and performance factor of the organization. The main aim of this paper is the impact of organization values on the performance of the organization.