What Makes A Good Writing Agency: 4 Basic Indicators

There are several writing agencies on the internet. There are also many agencies that work outside of the internet. You should be able to track a writing agency to its physical address. Only then you will be sure that the agency is a genuine one. For the agencies that do not have physical addresses, you should not bother about indulging them.

But how do you identify an academic writing agency that is actually good in the work that it does. Here are 4 basic indicators.

  • Does it provide you enough samples?
  • The first thing that you should ask a company the moment you come in contact with them is whether or not they provide you samples of their work to read. Unless you read samples by the company, you cannot be certain if you have received the right kind of work. Once, you receive the sample, check for the following:

    • Copyright compliance

    • The referencing at the end

    • Division of chapters

    • Illustration of details

    • Quality of literature review

    A good writing service would score highly on all the above mentioned points. That is the very least you should look for in the sample.

  • The rate chart and tentative project price
  • The rate chart of the company is something you should be looking at very closely. Ask the rep for a rate chart when you come in contact with them. Make sure the rate of your project is specified very well. This is where you ascertain if the company has at all done any similar projects.

    The tentative price of the project is what the company tells you they will charge for the project after looking at the initial requirements of the project. You will be able to form an idea of the pricing here.

  • Quality of writers
  • A cheap essay does not have to be written by cheap writers. The quality of writers in the company is what determines your success rate. There are immensely qualified writers in very small companies as well. You should have an eye for these writers. Finding them is more important than finding good companies.

  • Portfolio and reviews
  • You will find several reviews of a good or bad company on the internet. There are many that rate and review the company for the service they provide. You should make sure there is enough time to look at the portfolio of the company as well.