7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

According to Stephen R. Covey, the author of the book, life isn’t something that just “happens”. Your life is something that is carefully designed by you. All of the choices you make are yours. Happiness is a choice. Sadness is a choice. Decisiveness is a choice. Success is a choice. Ambivalence is a choice. Failure is a choice. Fear is a choice. Courage is a choice. Think about that every day, throughout every situation.

This book is timeless. Many people who have read the book find a great deal of enjoyment in it. The habits listed can help you improve your overall daily life. This book was designed to keep the interest of each reader piqued. Even though it has been many years since it was published, many of the topics and advice in the book are relevant today. According to Mr. Covey, here are the habits as they are relative to developing a career:

    Habit #1 – Being More Proactive:

    Think about it: sitting back on your laurels is not only quite the opposite of “proactive”, it will get you absolutely nowhere. To achieve the proper amount of success, you have to determine what it is you wish to achieve and then set a plan into action of how you are going to get yourself there.

    Habit #2 – Keep the End in Sight:

    Let’s say your primary goal with your company is to reach the status of Marketing Vice-President. First and foremost, you need to understand what skill set, relevant experience, and knowledge you must possess for the position. After you have that information, you should compare it to your own level of skill, knowledge, and experience to see where any gaps occur. Next begin mapping out a plan of how you can fill in these gaps so that you can qualify for the position. Thinking of the end in sight allows you the right amount of steps to get you where you are going.

    Habit #3 – First Things ARE First:

    On a daily basis, you should make a list of the most important things you need to accomplish at work. This is your high priority list. These things are the most important to be attended to. Focus on the completion of the most important actions first and then you will begin to realize that the trivial things don’t matter at all.

    Habit #4 – Keep the Win/Win in Mind:

    When you take the approach of a win-win attitude it will allow you to always put your best foot forward. You can find more creative solutions this way. According to Covey, a win/win train of thought is a third alternative belief. You’re not thinking about “your way”, you realize there is a better way, a higher purpose.

    Habit #5 – First YOU must understand so you can be understood:

    This is especially important for a good manager. You must understand the situation from all the different angles to sort out the best possible solution.

    Habit #6 – Synergy:

    When you think of synergy, you think of things working together or being cohesive. Begin a habit in business of selecting a team that works well together. Diverse backgrounds and experiences breed creativity.

    Habit #7 – Keep the Saw Sharp:

    Think of someone who spends hours with a saw in hand trying to take down a tree. No matter all their effort, the tree doesn’t fall. The reason is because over time the saw becomes dull. You have to take time so sharpen up your saw.