Crafting A Five-Paragraph Essay On A Summer Vacation

Writing a five-paragraph essay is a practice that is frequently seen in schools. The students are benefitted by this practice as it helps them to develop their thinking process and express those thoughts in a logical and coherent manner as well.

Writing such compositions is quite easy. And when it comes to our summer vacations, we’re never at a loss of events that we can mention in the composition. It would be a safe move on your part if the reader is able to relate to the content of your composition with his or her own life. But in order to impress the teacher, you need to observe the rules adhered to while writing such compositions.

The first paragraph has to be the introduction. The next three paragraphs make up the body of the composition. The last paragraph has to be the conclusion.

Following are some guidelines as to how to come up with a great five-paragraph essay on a summer vacation:

  • Introduction- The introduction is the part that sets the tone for the rest of your composition. Therefore, you need to make an extra effort to make this part as attractive as possible. You can start with the overall feeling you get when you think about the particular summer vacation that you’re going to write upon.

  • Body of the composition-The next three paragraphs come under the body of the composition. Here, you need to come up with the three most important events or the three most important portions of your summer vacation. These are to be put down on paper in three different paragraphs.

  • Transition between paragraphs-The paragraphs need to be chronological in order. This greatly helps in the transition from one paragraph to another. The last sentence of the preceding paragraph or the first sentence of the present paragraph should help in bridging the body paragraphs.

  • Conclusion-This paragraph should reinstate the main theme of your composition. You need to ponder about the thoughts that you want to leave your reader with. These thoughts are to be emphasized on in this conclusive part of the composition.

  • Be concise- This kind of compositions are never too lengthy. It will be a good practice not to go into too many details regarding the various events of your summer vacation. Pre-planning the paragraphs before writing them will definitely help in making them engrossing as well as to the point.