Ethical Dilemma Paper


Decision making has been considered to be the most critical part for the growth and the development of any organization. The ethical decisions are the one, which deals with the Wright or wrong, good or bad. The ethical decision-making concept needs to carry out in various other organizations highlighting the mission and the vision of the company.

Ethical Issue

Wal-Mart is one of the top most successful companies throughout the world and it ranked fourth in Fortune 500 between 2002 to 2009. The key ethical issue for Wal-Mart was that the organization offered low wages along with it seek to keep them down. The workers working within the organization were offered very low wages as per their potential. As per the data, the worker in an average earns $13,312 annually. As per the federal government, the poverty level was set at $14,630. Thus, it clearly states that this was the major issue for the workers working at the Wal-Mart. The company has faced different lawsuits for the failing in paying for the overtime to the respective workers. There was discrimination between the male and the female workers, the female workers were paid low wages as compared with the male workers. The strategy of the company i.e. everyday Low Prices has affected the working of the company in several areas. The stakeholders of the company were also affected by this particular dilemma of the organization. This dilemma has forced the better paying firms to get closed in many areas because of the low wages. Therefore, this particular problem needs to rectify as per the suitability of the workers. On the other hands, the increase in the wages will help in providing motivation to the employees and the workers and will improve the overall efficiency of the entire organization. In some areas the company puts the pressure on the manufacturers to provide cheap products and also applies pressure on the wages of the workers as the result, the company had to suffer a loss for being moved from the overseas.


Decision-making process is the vital process for the development and the growth of any company dealing within the international market. The concept of the ethical; dilemma reflects to provide the best possible solution for the particular problem aroused within the organization. In maximizing the utility of the entire organization, the company needs to look upon the wages and the other facilities provided to the respective workers.