Ten Top Descriptive Essay Topics On Early Childhood Education

Education during early childhood is a very important part of the development of a young person. The lessons imparted to an impressionable mind at this stage in life can have consequences all throughout the life of the young one. This is why, governments, educationalists and parents the world over pay special attention to the processes and structures in place for the education of young ones.

One of the most important classroom learning tools for children are descriptive essays. These teach children the art of analysis and the utilization of words and sentences in a logical manner in order to convey their thoughts on the analysis they have carried out. This type of essay gives a lot of creative freedom to the writer because the goal is to provide a description of something, a person, event, object or occurrence in such a way that a picture is created in the mind of the reader.

For a great descriptive essay, a great topic is the most basic requirement. For children in early childhood education, the topics should be such that they are already familiar with them. The topics should be about interesting topics that the children can easily expand on. Here are ten great descriptive essay topics:

  1. The day we went to get our dog vaccinated.
  2. The story of the day when we went to Disney Land.
  3. The reasons why I think holidays are better than school days.
  4. My new Android phone.
  5. The best things about my dad’s new car.
  6. The reasons I love to play baseball.
  7. The reasons why swimming pools are safe and healthy places for kids.
  8. The reasons why I will become the President.
  9. The story of how I spent my summer vacation.
  10. The qualities required to become an astronaut.

The best way for a child to write an essay is to learn to create an outline and take notes before starting to write the essay. This teaches children to research topics before putting pen to paper. This is a good skill to have which eliminates errors and builds confidence as a writer. Children should be encouraged to create different versions of the same topic, which readies them to attack a topic from various points of view. Constructive criticism of their work is necessary and helps them learn to write better.

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