Government Corruption

This is the form of corruption where the leaders and the people who are in power do activities are for personal gains. They use the influence of the power of the positions they hold for illegitimate activities that benefit them and the members of their inner circle. This is what is also referred to as political corruption. It has been very hard to study the patterns of political corruption. This is because actions differ depending on countries and jurisdiction. Some actions that may be illegal in some countries may not be considered as illegal in other countries. For example, political funding is an act that is deemed as illegal in some countries whereas some countries have no problem with it. There are many factors that promote political corruption. These factors include the level of education of the people, the population and the demographic factors like race, class, religion, gender and the condition of the local economy. In cases where there is vast power, corruption is also likely to be a major menace.

Forms of Corruption

These forms may differ from place to place. They are however very prevalent in many governments. Bribery is the most prevalent and widespread form of corruption. It has to involve two parties; one that is giving the bribe and the receiver who is paid to perform a favor that lies in their powers. In many countries, the customs officials are the people that are mostly involved in this form of corruption. The other form is embezzlement of funds. Officials take funds allocated to public projects and use it on their projects. It also includes assigning public employees to perform duties that are in not in the official capacity. The other forms include extortion, nepotism, influencing trade, fraud during elections and patronage systems.

Effects of Government Corruption

The effects of corruption are far much reaching. They may not be felt by the people of the higher class but will affect adversely the lives of the lowly in the society. The primary effect is on the economy. This is especially to the people that are in the private sector. The cost of doing business shoots so high because of the side payments that have to be paid to the corrupt officials. The other effect is decline in governance. There is no good representation in the policy making process. In the long run, people lose hope in the government system. This will lead to the lack of trust in the judiciary. Funds will be siphoned and there will be a decline in the living standards of the people.