10 Great Suggestions On How To Compose An Essay On Veterans Day

In many countries, Veterans Day is a very important event. There are many parades, parties and ceremonies in this day, all of them meant to honor the people that fought for our country. To write an essay about this should be a real honor, and a privilege to find out more about our soldiers. Naturally, you will have to make some research and to try to be as objective as possible. It’s not easy to fight in a war and you should never judge the soldiers. Keep these ideas in mind when you write your essay:

  1. You were not there. Yes, this is something that you really have to remember. It’s easy to judge their actions and to be mean, even without realizing this. This can be offensive for many of your classmates, especially if their fathers served in the army.

  2. Leave your personal feelings aside. It does not matter what you think about wars and battles. Right now all you have to do is to tell a story in a neutral, but positive way. If you want to make a negative statement, keep it for another time.

  3. Wars are necessary. None of us likes wars, but they are necessary in some moments. People died to defend our country so we should be grateful for this, not criticize them.

  4. Discuss a little bit about history. Veterans Day was not always an official celebration. When did people start to celebrate it and why?

  5. Try to imagine life without soldiers. For sure your country fought in some battles; what would have happened if your country did not have an army?

  6. Talk about the soldiers from your country. What is their motto? For how long they have to train?

  7. Is army a moral obligation? You can discuss this idea in your essay and mention your honest opinion.

  8. Why veterans should receive benefits? Is this enough to repay them for what they did?

  9. The strongest army in the world. Tell your classmates something about it. What is the difference between the soldiers from your country and those ones?

  10. Gun control. Do you think that veterans should be allowed to own guns even after they go out of the army? In critical situations they would be perfectly capable to defend their family or people around them.