Basic Tutorial For Composing A Comparison And Contrast Essay For High School

High school students are often asked to state differences between seeds; or kingdoms. Likewise, they are also asked to suggest the similarities between any two entities. The height of this faction is when they are asked to compose compare and contrast essays.

A firm introduction

Now, when you are asked to do the piece, you should firmly weigh and dissect the two entities. This comes after a firm introduction where you subtly place your perspective on the validity of the entities.

The first entity…

The second paragraph of the essay should be about the first entity in whole. Suggest its origins, impact, effects; potential, strains; movement. You cannot ignore any precept, logically placing its highs and lows on paper.

…And the second

The third essay paragraph will do the same with the second entity. Now you take on the fourth paragraph. Here, you jot down the points of similarity and differences with clarity and objective analysis.

The conclusion

The final paragraph will suggest which side you take and why. Your assertions should be clear and compact. You cannot undermine any side, but there is only one winner and that allows you to take one side of the spectrum.

A balanced take

Teach the students to be mechanical, rhetorical and balanced in their views. They should learn to dissect entities without prejudice and with foresight. Suppose there is an entity which does not promise well in the present but has remarkable potential, for future, then that should be eagerly mentioned in the essay.

Need to be well-versed

You should also teach students to be observant, specifically with the relevant entities in the essay. This is more so if the entities breathe presently and are not creatures of the past. They should also devise information from different sources to be well-read on the theme.

Don’t bog kids down

High school students should not be peppered with additional weight, when they are clearly immature to carry out a research-like synopsis. Yet, they should be prepared to analytically compare and contrast entities and put it rhythmically in an essay. This is nothing but their academic preparation for the future.

Importance of proofreading

Impress upon high school students the importance of proofreading. This way they will find out whether they have given one side more importance than it deserves or whether they have inadvertently understated the other side. They will also be able to introduce something significant that they somehow missed putting in the first place.