Top 20 Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics About Sports

Sports has become one of the mostly talked about issues in the world today thanks to the much loved and widely watched champion leagues across the world. From European Champion leagues, Spanish La Liga, Italian league, English Premier League to various football leagues in the Middle East and Africa, football is something we all love. Also, sports such cricket, golf, tennis, basket ball, baseball, rugby and many others are loved by thousands of other fans. Agreeably, sporting is one of the activities that has always witnessed wild fanatic following. Well, when it comes to writing about sports, we mostly read sports news in the entertainment sections of our local dailies. But supposing you were to write about sports as a term paper, how will you go about it? First and foremost, it is important to take note of the fact, sports writing require creativity and so, to get it right, you must always give it an entertainment approach. In essay writing, sports can be approached different. These include from an argumentative perspective, informational perspective, compare and contract approach, persuasive angle and as a narration. If you have ever watched live football foot ball on Television or in the pitch, you must have heard of sports commentary. This is another approach you can give. You can also write sports analysis. In this article, we however take a look at argumentative approach by giving topical examples. Let’s take a look.

  • Does sports have health befits if we at look at it in term of exercise. Argue

  • Do all cash collected from ticket buying go to players?

  • Are referees always right in their judgment and who assist them?

  • A review of sporting culture among women. Are they fully participating in all countries?

  • What remains for retired sportsmen? Forgotten or included in technical benches?

  • The need for extra exercise to stay fit for sports. Necessary or unnecessary?

  • Doping among athletes. Should be it moderated on completely discouraged?

  • Discuss the importance of sports with examples and also give disadvantages

  • Should gambling be admitted into Olympics?

  • Is archery on its death bead? Discuss

  • Match fixes and the law. What penalties should they face?

  • The revival of boxing. Is boxing going extinct?

  • The question of safety in motorsports. Are drivers really insured?

  • Sports and rights violation. Should women play football?

  • The case of corruption in football governing body. What are the facts?