Good Advice On How To Write A 3-Paragraph Essay Outline

The writing and submission of essays has become an integral part of evaluating a prospective candidate in the fields of academics, scholarships, employment, etc. In certain academic fields or jobs, a lot depends on the writing skills of an individual. Organizing one’s thoughts and expressing and comprehending one’s knowledge through written words is an essential skill that one must develop in his or her early years.

Two common basic types of formats are:

  • 3 paragraph essay- This format must contain only three parts out of which the first one is dedicated for the introduction, the second one is dedicated for the body of the composition and the third one is for the conclusion.

  • 5 paragraph essay- In this format, each of the five parts serve a particular purpose. The first and last paragraphs serve the same purpose as that in the 3 paragraph essay format i.e., the first one is for the introduction and the last one is for the conclusion. The second, third and fourth passages will collectively constitute the body of the composition where each will address a specific argument or point.

Here are some pointers as to how to proceed with a 3-paragraph essay:

  1. The introduction- As this a very short type of writing and because of the space constraints, one needs to get to the point from the very first sentence. The first sentence should reflect the main theme of the composition. The following sentence can be a factual one that supports the first sentence. The next sentence should point out the important aspects that one is going to elaborate in the body part.

  2. The body-The important aspects that one is going to elaborate upon has to be supported by one or more brief statements that is going to validate these main aspects of the essay. It would be a wise decision to write down only two or three of the best arguments one has on the particular topic. This is because that these kind of compositions shouldn’t be lengthy in nature.

  3. The conclusion-The conclusion of one’s essay will be the part that is going to enclose the very essence of it. It should reflect on the thesis or the topic statement of the composition. This part is similar in size to the introduction. It will help if it gives the reader something to ponder on. That will create a lasting impression on the reader’s mind.