Good Essay Topics About Education: 10 Unique Ideas

Writing a great paper in any subject requires that you select an interesting and unique topic. Nowadays, it’s become harder to come up with fresh ideas on topics related to education, so we’ve come up with several for your consideration:

  1. What have been the most effective money management methods used by schools in lower-socioeconomic areas where district funding is usually lower than in other parts of the state? What have been the least effective methods?

  2. Do you think it’s time to do away with standardized testing as a means to determine acceptance into public universities or colleges? What are alternative methods for more effective evaluation of a student’s ability to strive in higher education?

  3. As teachers continue to make less than people in other professions, what can communities do to ensure the quality of education doesn’t suffer as fewer graduates are making the career choice to go into teaching for financial reasons?

  4. Is it time to consider changing the subjects that make up the core curriculum in most American middle schools and high schools? Should outdated subjects be replaced with subjects that are more relatable to today’s business world?

  5. Would it help to have separate girls and boys classes in order to help improve grades for both genders by getting rid of what experts have called forms of intimidation and distraction? If so, what challenges would be faced by ensuring both genders receive the same quality education?

  6. It’s been said that a college diploma is no longer worth what it used to be in terms of what employers are looking for in terms of experience and skills. Should college institutions look towards changing their curricula to better prepare students?

  7. What makes for a good college entrance essay? As review committees see thousands of during each entrance review period what techniques should students employ to make their applications personal and unique?

  8. Do you believe that shorter class days but a longer class week would be an effective method for ensuring students aren’t burnt out on a daily basis and are therefore more likely to retain information and receive a higher quality of education?

  9. Describe the Montessori system of education and compare with the traditional learning. What benefits or negatives do the Montessori system has that would encourage parents to enroll their children in?

  10. What are the best ideas towards fixing the current form of financial assistance programs in the U.S.? Too many students are left with a heavy burden of debt and spend years paying loans with money they don’t have.