Creating An Interesting One-Page Essay About Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is a very controversial personality, and people usually have extreme opinions about him. This is why you have to be extremely realistic and objective when you write a one-page essay about him. Everything you say needs to be supported with evidence, and you must stay away from radical statements that might come across as offensive. Since you have to write only one page about him, you need to focus on the most important points and to leave the details for another time. Here is what you must keep in mind when you write your essay:

  • Introduce some information about his childhood. You do not have too much space so you want to focus on his life, but you have to let the readers know his background. In this way they will understand his actions and why he was such a strong militant for human rights. Also, it will prove that even children who grow up in poor families have a chance to succeed.

  • Don’t count on gossip. There are many theories against him, and many people who think that he was not a hero. However, you have to space to analyze these theories in your one page essay. There is a lot of information available about Nelson Mandela on the Internet, so focus on this and leave the controversial ideas for later. You would not want to seem offensive in front of your colleagues.

  • Try to introduce intriguing facts. Nelson Mandela is a famous personality, so your colleagues know many things about him already. If you want to make your composition interesting, you need to write some facts that are not well-known by the public. For example, you can discuss about the relationship between him and his wife, his family or his time as a president.

  • What made Nelson Mandela different? This is a question that you will have to answer in your essay. There were many politicians fighting against racism, but he stand out with his activity. It is difficult to explain all this in only one page, but it is possible if you search for the most important things that he did as a president. He dedicated his entire life for his country and community, even if he was abused, locked in jail and persecuted for years. This topic will be really interesting for you and your classmates.