List Of Simple Process Analysis Essay Topics To Look Into

Have you ever wanted to explain a process to your classmates, but you did not know how to do it? Well, not you have the chance to learn how, because this is exactly what you have to do in your process analysis essay. You have to focus on one process and explain it in detail, and keep your colleagues interested the entire time. It’s not easy to find an interesting topic to analyze, but it is possible. Here is a short list that might help you:

  • How a new country is born. It sounds like a very complicated topic for your process analysis essay, but it’s actually something extremely easy and interesting for your colleagues. They never imagined how a new country can appear, so you can explain this to them. Take as example the new country formed in Europe, that has only a few kilometers in width.

  • Space travel. This is a fascinating subject for any teenager, and every one of us dreamed about going in space. Well, you can tell your classmates everything about this in your essay. All you have to do is make some research and find out from real astronauts how it feels.

  • Fast food. Nowadays everyone is eating fast food, even if there are many campaigns warning us about the dangers. However, many of your classmates have no idea how this food is produced. Try to explain this; for sure they will be surprised how many chemicals are added, and they will not even believe the fact that the food is cooked in the factory, not in the kitchen.

  • Internet networks. We all use Internet, but we never think about how it is possible to access such a large quantity of information in such a short time. The technology used is truly amazing and most of us don’t have access to this information. Try to explain some things, like where the information is stored and how hackers can find us on the Internet.

  • Life insurances. This is not as exciting as other topic, but it is something useful for your classmates and professor. Try to explain them how life insurances work and why we should get one. How come the companies afford to pay huge amounts of money if an accident happens? Is this legal and safe for us?